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It breaks my hope and spirit that the Paycheck Fairness Act (in its entirety) has once again been blocked. Even in a time where the majority of the adult population earning degrees, going into med and law school ARE WOMEN, this issue somehow still exists. I don’t feel like an American at all right now. I feel betrayed. My biggest question is – WHY IS THIS STILL AN ISSUE? Was equality between the sexes not a pillar of American Freedom, Justice, and Morale? Over the past several years, I’ve realized how flawed this country really is, and how disgusting most if these politicians are. It is sad to say that TRANSPARENCY is an absolute necessity at this point. There are too many crooks (or corporations), and not enough genuinely honest, selfless people in control. They tend to pass laws on civil rights, and then have no intention of enforcing them. Or why not just reject them completely – because if the current hierarchy is working for them, why care about the people they are supposed to represent, right?

This country is failing, not only because of this, but because it is losing its humanity, and I feel progression is falsified. I believe we stopped moving forward the second we starting claiming we were the most developed, the best, the freest, the most progressive, the most opportunistic, NUMBER 1. We have gone backwards from that number 1 (and those titles), and are quickly approaching 0, only to continue into the negatives until a major change (dare I say, revolution?) is done. Progression should never be thought of as finite, it should always be continuous and infinite. The reality is that “Utopia” is derived from the Greek words “ou topos,” which translates to “not place.” The perfect society is not achievable, but that is because the world is constantly changing, and we must change with it, and move forward. Some may see this as depressing, but I see it as inspiring. If life never changed, if there was no mystery, no challenge – WHAT WOULD BE THE POINT??

Now, I can only imagine how some may view my opinion. So I say to all you extreme nationalists – who are probably thinking “IF YOU HATE IT HERE SO MUCH, THEN WHY DON’T YOU GET OUT!” – HEAR ME OUT. We cannot call ourselves the best, if we are not. It is that simple. The best should be the best for every resident, not just a select few. And I am not saying it’s the worst, I consider myself fortunate for being born into this country. I am only so critical because I care. I want to see it at its best, or at least see us make the changes to get it there. So let’s start something, let’s rally to rescue humanity. VIVA LA REVOLUTION!! Amiright?

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So the very few who read this know that this blog has mostly been poetry with drops of prose, sprinkled with the thoughts, and photo-captured moments. HOWEVER…I am hoping to create a more “traditional” blog experience. So help me get into this blogging routine with some much wanted inspiration and support. I do plan to continue to upload poetry and some short stories in the near future. (There’s a but coming…) BUT! I also hope to share some of what inspires me from others. So expect me to do some plugging and advertising (in future blogs). On that note, if any of my lovely colleagues and friends would like a good plugging (God, that sounds inappropriately rude) - please let me know.

SO. I figured I’d start my first “traditional” blog post by giving some background.

My name is Erica Percy. I am a 25 (soon to be 26) year old womanchild. A little about myself: I am the oldest sister of 2 very wonderful, albeit sometimes terrible, younger brothers. Both of my parents are in my life, and still together. Tessa (who I will write about ALL the time) is our puggle (pug-beagle mix), and is the shining star of our family (yes, I am completely serious). Like many young adults I am inspired by current and past pop culture, music, movies, literature, technology, current events, politics, art, movements, etc. Not so much fashion, I try, but it’s just not my thing, and that’s fine. I come from the region of Massachusetts that no one else in the world seems to know about, Western Mass, in the Greater Springfield area. I have worked all different kinds of jobs (I had a successful career in IT for several years), and taken all different kinds of classes, but right now I have an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts, and am continuing my education for my B.A. in English, and certification in Secondary Education. When I was a little girl the only thing I wanted to do was be a writer, and a mother, and I’ve essentially come back to that idea, but now have a more realistic view point. My worst habits are procrastination, my sleep schedule, and eating habits. I love driving; cars are just so cool to me. I love the ocean/water, but HATE the beach because I burn instantly. Card and board games are my favorite thing to do with friends; I am a total homebody, but am always up for a local music/art show/event or spontaneous adventure/trip. Traveling is great, and I can’t wait to do more of it. I’m not much of a drinker ( I probably have about 5 drinks a year), and do not smoke or partake in any drug use (go ahead, and call me boring, you’re not telling me anything I didn’t already know). I’m very clumsy and goofy in general, but I love to laugh at myself (a lesson I was fortunate enough to learn early in life). I like being there for people, I love giving what I can to help. I don’t think I’d ever claim myself as generous, because it is really for me. It makes me happier to give, and it’s a quality I am proud of. I’m a grown up, of some sort. Somewhere between 20 and 24 I just started realizing what is important, and how to be a truly independent individual, but I’m still learning. The best advice I can give to ANYONE is to be honest. You will either be commended for it, or crucified, but you will always feel good about yourself, and most of the time, the good people will recognize and appreciate you for this. That, and my ability to move forward, has gotten me everywhere. Writing, has always been my outlet, I know no other way. I write all the time, and cannot stop it. It’s natural, and I can’t imagine my life without the ability to do so.

There is always more to say, but I want to keep this brief so I have more topics to address, specifically, in future posts.

Say hello, follow, introduce yourself, share, read, laugh, smile, snarl, whatever. I am putting myself out there, and hoping I reach someone while at it.

CHEERS! Have a happy hump day


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So glad to see everyone wearing their blue today. :) Makes me happy to see that the human race can put their differences aside and come together for an important cause, despite their nationality. These causes always bring me a refreshing feeling of togetherness in a time when people do not typically bother with issues that they are not directly affected by. 

Did anyone actually have any good April Fools? My scan through my FB newsfeed on any good dirt on yesterday’s festivities were fruitless. 

Also, New England is finally getting some nice weather. I can drive with my windows rolled down and am so satisfied with the 50 degree weather after a long, unforgiving winter. 

Lastly, why is it so difficult for young/aspiring writers, trying to hone their craft, to get published? There seems to be no outlets or opportunities in Western Mass to educate us on steps to take to get published, or any guidance, support, etc. Advice is needed, and welcome. Please. :)

Happy Spring!

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Nice one Tumblr. But I happen to enjoy the silly little top hat upon my profile picture. So jokes on you.

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LATELY I keep hearing people say that a certain person, or their person is "a fine wine." Or “un bon vin,” if you’re into that kinda thing. If you haven’t put it together, aren’t a wine drinker, or live under a rock, and are not familiar with the phrase, means: you (your looks) get better with age. HOWEVER, I have made a decision about myself. I am definitely not on that end of a classic pairing. I am most definitely "the stinky cheese." Or le fromage puant.” Every good fine wine needs a good stinky cheese.

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The Not So Glamorous Act of Becoming Woman

This can’t really be it, can it? She panics.

Looking around for anything to hide the shame, finally she calls for a professional.

“Oh! It looks like you’ve become a woman today.” Great. The excitement was really unnecessary. She asks what it means, what is she supposed to do NOW.

The following eight minutes go by listening to careful instruction. A task that has been mastered over time, over trials, with failures. But she knows the truth. Destined for a life of weird, embarrassing stains and constant fear. Never again would she be able to be one hundred feet from her bathroom without having to carry a purse, hiding her secrets. It was a raw deal.

She thought, who decided on this? And why is she so proud of me for this mess? She continues to listen, but doesn’t understand. Stuck inside in the peak of summer, she curses her body and its blatant lack of respect. For whatever reason, Mom makes her favorite dinner that night. As if to celebrate a disaster, a scraped knee, a wasted summer day, AN EXTRA LOAD OF LAUNDRY.  How embarrassed she feels, and no one else even knows why.

She goes to bed that night, knowing she is on her own with this. Over the next few years she will come to know what comes with it. Why it is worth it. Why you come to both love and hate the cramps, the bloating, the cravings, the fatigue, the weird stains, and money spent on maintenance. The ritual will be developed, practiced, and mastered – like so many others have done before her.

A Note to Your Thirteen Year Old Self

Born with quick wit and pink cheeks,

she soon found her place in the world.

Diving into puberty, forgetting the pressures of adolescence,

pretending it was all just a part of the experience,

she forged her way through high school without pause.

Soon she found herself at a state university,

continuing to make the grades while taking the shots.

Until one day, nine months after a CEO’s and Executive Ho’s themed excuse to drink bad beer
she found herself on another table, with two men in between her legs.

One giving her instruction, the other just giving her incredible back pain.

Of course the man responsible pretended to be happy,
he would say all the things he thought he was supposed to.

And so it was settled, a family, a mistake, five semesters of college loans
that would be paid for no reason at all.

And with twelve months separating each two more men came about.

A curse for certain.

What would they know of her pain, of her sacrifice, of her intelligence, and talent?

She wondered if she would have worn that pencil skirt to an interview instead of a
bad time, would she no longer have to breastfeed, and fold dirty laundry for five?
She remembers it being much easier
when it was all pretend at thirteen.

The Things Women Need

We need support,
not from our mothers and not from men,
but for our boobs.
We need a step ladder,
to reach the top cabinet,
and kill the spider ourselves.
We need room,
to move,
whether it be to or from you.
We need food,
and no judgment from you,
always – we need food.

We need opportunities,
to prove
just how much we can do.

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I can’t deny I would MUCH rather do this than actually go to any of the reservations I made. Spent the night in with my boyfriend last night. And although it was nice to spend the day with him, I’ve never gave in to the hype of the holiday. I understand for kids its fun and cute, and gives us another reason to buy chocolate, heart shaped candy, and anything the color red or pink, but its also the day you’re most likely to get food poisoning (how romantic). I guess I’m just more of a “I love you everyday and will show it everyday” rather than just one day kind of person. But nonetheless, I hope everyone felt loved yesterday, as well as every other day. =]How did you spend your Vday?

I can’t deny I would MUCH rather do this than actually go to any of the reservations I made. Spent the night in with my boyfriend last night. And although it was nice to spend the day with him, I’ve never gave in to the hype of the holiday. I understand for kids its fun and cute, and gives us another reason to buy chocolate, heart shaped candy, and anything the color red or pink, but its also the day you’re most likely to get food poisoning (how romantic). I guess I’m just more of a “I love you everyday and will show it everyday” rather than just one day kind of person. But nonetheless, I hope everyone felt loved yesterday, as well as every other day. =]

How did you spend your Vday?

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Eating pizza with my favorite toddler.

Eating pizza with my favorite toddler.

14 7 / 2013

its hard to feel happy when the world is sad. but its worse to be sad, when the world is happy.

03 7 / 2013

we keep reading between the lines. 
its blank, there’s nothing there. 
we need to stop. there’s nothing there.

30 6 / 2013

imagine the possibilities
if we turned off the tv,
stopped listening to them,
and started listening to each other.

25 6 / 2013

Did I mention how much I’m loving #unemployment :) #summer #pool

Did I mention how much I’m loving #unemployment :) #summer #pool

14 6 / 2013

This day has certainly turned itself around. :) #summer #happy #newpool

This day has certainly turned itself around. :) #summer #happy #newpool

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my words are thick, heavy.
they drop like soaked boots on a floor, upon entering through the front door —

they burn, each syllable ignites like dry brush pierced by the bold sun. 
their fires heal, 
leaving paths of resilient life. 

they feel — every ounce of my mind,
every clip of memory i’ve tried so desperately to hide. 

they free.
they exile the deep cold —
with power like water released through a floodgate. 

they are strong words. they know no fear,
no understanding of lie.
and take one-way flights from doubt
to absolute conviction. 

—Erica D. Percy

03 5 / 2013

Surely the most devastating and dangerous weapon this world will ever see – is ignorance.